Am I an entrepreneur…?

… that’s a question on many lips, maybe on yours. TEC-eXperience enables you to discover yourself: Have I got what it takes?! The TEC-eXperience is an intensive Honours Program for students to discover and develop their entrepreneurial skills. In about 5 months, you’ll learn how to start your own company – but more importantly why you should and with whom. What pitfalls to avoid and which methodologies to use? Experienced entrepreneurs will inspire & guide you through the program. With a focus on three critical areas for becoming a successful entrepreneur: personal development, story telling and tooling (Lean Startup method). After finishing the TEC-x II Program, one thing is sure: You’ve unleashed the entrepreneur within you! Note: enrolling for TEC-x II has closed September 9. Our next program (TEC-x III) will start in February 2017 in a city near you.

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